Fundraising Tips

We know it might be daunting to raise so much money, but it’s totally possible. Here are a few fundraising tips for you.

Talk about it
Start discussing with the people in your life the opportunity that is ahead of you. Talk to them about what you’ll be doing in Romania. The more people are aware, the more their hearts will be drawn to helping you out.

Write a letter
Keep it one page in length, and make sure it’s from your heart. In a way it’s a business proposal, but the words you write are really a challenge for people to rally around you in any capacity they can so that Christ’s Name will be made known in Romania.

Speak with your pastor
Set up a time to meet with your pastor or missions director. Explain clearly what you’ll be doing and why, and what your financial needs are. Ask them to consider sending you out as their missionary with the church’s financial and prayer support.

Host a missions party
Invite people to your home or church hall to hear more about your plans. Serve refreshments, share your heart, and give people an opportunity to be a part of what God is going to do through you in Romania.

Work and save
Put away some money from each paycheck. Maybe look at getting an additional part-time job or doing some babysitting or gardening work. If you have the means to work, then work and save up towards your trip.

Be creative
If you like to entertain, entertain. If you love to cook, have a bake-off. If you enjoy recruiting others to help, plan a car wash in your church parking lot. Use your personality and giftings to creatively give people as many opportunities as possible to hear what you are doing and to play a part in it.

The most unlikely people in your life are often the ones whom God prompts to give. Be expectant that He will provide in ways you cannot begin to imagine.